Alfonso López-Bello Moreno

Meet this proud Mexican attorney who also leads community programs

Where are you from?

My birth certificate is from Guerrero, but I was born in Mexico City and grew up between Veracruz and Puebla. Now I feel like Quintanarroense, so I think am proudly Mexican.

How long have you lived in Playa?

I have lived in Playa for nine amazing years.

Why did you move to Playa del Carmen?

For work – my current employer invited me to participate in tourism development in Playa del Carmen, and I’m still working with them.

“We love our country.”

Alfonso López-Bello Moreno

What do you do for work?

I am an attorney-at-law for a living, but part of my work now is to create and lead social affairs and community programs.

What brings you the most pride as a Mexican?

Our eclectic culture, our incredible people, our different perspective of death and how to resolve our problems and, of course, our terrific and tasty food.

What would you like the rest of the world to know about Mexico?  

That we are hard workers with powerful minds. We love our country, and you are always welcome in it if you are honest, respectful, and grateful to Mexico.  

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