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10 ways to get the new year off to a good start

A list of practices that will encourage a positive year

Don’t plan on just surviving 2018, make it one of the best years of your life! Start by following this list that I promise will bring you unexpected benefits.


  • Do something nice for a stranger


Be kind and polite to whoever needs it. It could be very simple, just give a smile or a compliment to someone you don’t know. Do it every day and you’ll create a habit.


  • Strengthen your spirituality


Take a moment alone to connect with yourself and thank life (or the god you believe in) for the year that has passed and for all the lessons, challenges and opportunities you had. Choose a special place where you can relax and be in peace to do it.


  • Buy something special for yourself


Take a moment to choose something beautiful for you, just because you love yourself very much! How about a plant or a diary? Or some clothes, jewelry or lots of candy, ice-cream and chocolate? (Just kidding, don’t eat too much sugar, please).


  • Set new goals


Write on a piece of paper five new goals that you are determined to accomplish in 2018 and keep that paper in a special place that you can see every day.


  • Apologize


Nothing’s healthier than asking for forgiveness from someone with whom you had a problem throughout the year. Invite that person to dinner or coffee and talk!


  • Give a thank you letter to someone


Write something sincere from the heart to that special person that helped you and loved you in 2017. Don’t send mails or do it through social media; find a nice piece of paper and write!


  • Clean your house


Clean all your spaces! But clean with special care your bedroom and you closet and take out everything that no longer serves you and occupies an unnecessary place in your life! (If it’s in good condition, donate it).


  • Do something good for your body


Dance, do exercise, eat healthily, and make love! Vibrate and move with the universe.


  • Learn something new


Sign up for a new activity: singing lessons, cooking or painting classes.


  • Love yourself above all


You are your best creation. Work on yourself, be patient, thoughtful and love yourself every day. Remember: to love others, you must first love yourself; to give good advice, you must first put it into practice; to listen to others, you will first have to listen to yourself, to respect others; you must first respect yourself. And remember, although it sounds trite, being positive will always give you an advantage in your day-to-day life.

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