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Ask Allan: Peeling Paint Problems

Allan answers a practical question about maintaining painted exterior walls in top condition


Hi, Allan

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The paint on my exterior walls keep peeling. How can I fix this permanently?



Hi, Doug

Thanks for your question. Peeling paint is usually the result of moisture penetration, improper paint application, improper wall preparation, paint application in adverse conditions or poor paint products.

First, you need to determine the cause of the problem. If it’s humidity coming from inside the wall, the problem might reoccur. Fix any interior leaks first. Then when ready, do not paint over the existing paint as it’s going to peel again. Strip the paint using a scraper and a wire brush. Then use fine sandpaper. Fill all the holes in cracks with a high-quality filler. Then clean the wall with a pre-painting cleaner. only paint on a dry surface and in the shade. It’s not good to paint when it’s wet or very sunny.

First apply a good primer and paint. We like to use Comex paint – they have one that is water resistant. If you do not do the work yourself, hire someone good or have your property manager do it. Most workers should be supervised as they may cut corners or use inferior products. Of course, if you have a good property manager you should not have to worry.


Allan Lockhart

Co-owner, North American Standards

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