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Hammocks: A Variety of Qualities and Material

Hamacamarte is happy to teach how to get the most out of your hammock

There are different qualities and materials among hammocks and it is important to know how they differ and which to choose depending on your needs.

The quality of a hammock depends on the thread, the thread count and the thickness of the thread used in the hammock’s making, all adding to its value. Hammocks can be made from cotton or nylon. Hammocks made with nylon thread are recommended for outdoor use and cotton is recommended for indoors. Considering cotton is a natural fiber, a hammock of such material will have a shorter lifetime in changing climates compared to a hammock made of nylon. In other words, in places with a climate like Playa del Carmen, we recommend a hammock made of nylon.

Both materials can be found with different thickness of threads. When a hammock is made with thick thread, the final result is a wider woven fabric, where as one made with thinner thread will be of greater value as it entails more refined work with tighter weaving.

There are even hammocks made of thread so fine and thin like the thread used to sew buttons. Known as croché hammocks, they are true masterpieces, both soft and resistant, available only in king and jumbo sizes.

It is important to know there isn’t a bad hammock, only differences in their levels of comfort. When we are enjoying a hammock, we can appreciate their quality. The best will let you sleep in it as if you were on a cloud and others for a shorter rest that you’ll also enjoy.  Remember, all of our hammocks at Hamacamarte are 100% handmade, and your hammock’s durability always depends on its care.

We look forward to seeing you at Hamacamarte and helping you choose a hammock that best suits your needs. Visit us at our store – Calle 38 between 5th Avenue and the beach.

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