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LiberArte Exhibition at Inti Beach

The art exhibition featured nine international artists and ran until Wednesday 23 May at 11 pm

Did you make it to the opening of LiberArte on 17 May at Inti Beach? If not, you sure missed a great evening! The exhibition featured nine international artists and the installations were there until Wednesday, May 23.

Naiara Porras Rentero started to volunteer with Playa Pride in March 2017 and organized this amazing event. LiberArte is a play on words in Spanish to help “liberate” people from prejudices through art. The woman behind the event comes from a small village in Spain. Naiara is currently writing the last chapter of her dissertation that focuses on women’s empowerment and issues related to the LGBTIQ community.

For the event, she wanted to do something different and more interactive than the art exhibitions we are used to. She found Vanessa Hylande from the Metropolitan Opera Ballet of NYC.  Naiara is a huge fan of contemporary dance, so she asked Vanessa if she wanted to participate in the event. “Her attitude and energy were amazing”, she says. Vanessa’s band Stage Garden also performed.

Altogether, it was a great combination of painting, photography, contemporary dance and live music, and everybody was delighted. For the last few years, Naiara has tried to be more involved in issues that she considers important. “When I was living in the United States, I was the president of the chapter of the United Nations of the area I was in (Bluegrass Chapter). There I focused more on issues related to women’s empowerment and also immigration, due to what was going on in the United States at the moment. My focus though is both women’s empowerment and the LGBTIQ community. As a lesbian woman, I identify with both issues, and I want to help in both areas”, she states.

We are definitely looking forward to knowing more about that mysterious woman who came to Playa to change things!

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