Another Cozumel Cruise Ship Terminal

Plans have been submitted to the Federal Government for approval of a fourth pier on the north end of the island

The Quintana Roo Government, through the Integral Port Administration (APIQROO), presented a project to federal authorities for the construction of what could be the fourth pier for cruise ships to dock in Cozumel.

caja-txt2The “Playa Maritime Terminal”, as it will be called, consists of the construction and operation of this pier for cruise ships in the maritime zone of Banco Playa, located in the north part of the island, two kilometers from the city of San Miguel. Said terminal will have a pier in the form of a “T” built on pillars or blocks of steel or concrete, and will take up a total of 13,545 meters squared. It will be formed by an initial platform, a central access dock, measured 20 meters wide by 272 meters long, two docks, one 407 meters long and the other 347 meters long. It will have the capacity to receive up to four ships at a time.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the tourist industry in Cozumel, where the cruise ship sector represents a significant source of income for the local economy. Cozumel is the leading Mexican destination for hundreds of cruise ships each year. In 2014 alone, 3.4 million passengers on 1,108 ships arrived in the city while in 2015, 3.02 million passengers visited on a total of 950 ships.

Currently, the island has the Puerta Maya, SSA Mexico and Punta Langosta piers. With Banco Playa, the numbers would be reinforced to serve a larger number of ships coming from North America and Europe.

APIQROO is also waiting for the Federal Government to authorize the arrival of cruise ships with casinos, which could attract a larger number of visitors.

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