Galería Azul Cozumel Art

Greg Dietrich is a local glass artist inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds him at home in Cozumel

Galeria-rgbGalería Azul is a working art studio/gallery for glass artist Greg Dietrich, located in Cozumel at 15th Avenue North between 8th and 10th Street. Greg specializes in cameo engraved blown glass, lamps, and paintings on silk.

As a nature lover residing on an island fringed by a spectacular barrier reef, his marine art brings these images to life in unique hand-blown glass lamps. The work of Greg is inspired by the exotic marine life that abounds in the surrounding waters. Sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, eagle rays, tropical fish and other coral reef dwellers inhabit these Caribbean waters.

The process

To create his pieces, he must first blow the glass that he is to engrave. This is completed in the United States. During the glassblowing process, he makes large spheres out of flattened shapes that have as many as three layers of color on the exterior surface. Once the glass has cooled, he cuts the spheres into various shapes and sizes. The pieces are then packed up and taken to Cozumel where he resides.

The engraving work is done in Cozumel. Sitting at an engraving lathe, he patiently carves away at the glass using diamond wheels. Working with the layers of color that he created during the blowing process, he is able to make “drawings” in glass. By completely removing a layer, he exposes the contrasting color that lies beneath. This process is known as cameo engraving.

Greg`s subject matter is the beauty which surrounds him in Cozumel and the adjoining areas of the Yucatan Peninsula. Pieces are influenced by the Mayan ruins, the vast coral reefs that surround the island, and almost any type of animal found in nature.

The pieces are mounted on a variety of bases made from wood, stone or metal; some have no base at all. He also works extensively with illumination. Taking advantage of the translucency of the glass, combined with mahogany bases, he creates unique lamps that are really illuminated engravings.

For more information, you can visit his Facebook page: Galeria Azul Cozumel Art or contact him on 01 987 872 4493 / E-mail:

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