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Lost in Migration

This beautiful creature has the bird conservationist community worried; it seems it has flown away from home and they are anxious to find out why

dato1 copyIf you are an avid birder or just admire their beauty, keep your eyes open for the “Trogon Cabeza Negra” or black-headed trogon, It seems this species is causing quite a worry among bird conservation groups in the area. Recently this resident of the Yucatan Peninsula has been sighted both alive and dead in plain sight in urban areas. Typically this species is difficult to spot and normally spends their life in the jungle and the mangroves. This species of trogon is approximately 27 centimeters, mainly black with a bright yellow underbelly, blue rings around its eyes and a long tail, made up of short and long squared off white and black feathers. The bird feeds on insects and fruit in the jungle and has no business coming into urban areas. It has not been considered an at-risk species, but the birds are showing up in the city and have conservationists concerned. No one has been able to explain what has happened to their territory or what has driven them out. One theory for this phenomenon is a lack of water in the jungle due to a drought has forced the bird to a new territory.

In a press release, Amigos de Sian Ka´an is requesting the public’s help in tracking information about this bird. If you encounter one of these birds, please record the location, date and time, the bird’s behavior and the condition of the bird, and if possible, take a photo. If you encounter a dead black-headed trogon, please preserve it by freezing the body and contact trogon@amigosdesiankaan.org. They are hopeful this data will help explain their movement and why they are declining. Do not try to trap a live bird or cause it any stress. If the bird is on your property provide a small dish of water but, remember to change the water each day to avoid mosquitos. Contact Facebook/Amigos de Sian Ka´an for more information.


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