Breaking Bread in Cozumel

Meet Antonia Alice Meschi, chef by profession and chef at heart

ANTONIA-RGB1Antonia Meschi was born in the small town of Cuneo in northern Italy, land of red wine, white truffle and delicious cheese. She decided to move to Cozumel when she discovered the island while on a 10-day vacation, and it has been her home for two and a half years.

“I simply felt that Italy was no longer my home,” she told me. “I knew that this place could make me very happy. What I like most is the blue sea that I see every day. It gives me a lot of serenity. I also like the fact that I can go everywhere with my bicycle and feel safe.

vivsvozAntonia now works as a chef in La Casa del Habano, a restaurant and bar where cigars are tasted along with rich international food. She is currently developing a project for a natural, artisan bakery that also produces fresh pasta, called Baking Bread.

“We are currently creating K’ooben Laab. It is a natural product laboratory, a creative pastry shop, a gastronomic experimentation center and a kitchen workshop.”

Antonia is an artist in the kitchen. She makes her bread from dough, seasoning, and the key ingredient: a lot of love. She produces pasta, focaccia, gourmet bread, bread with seeds, herbal bread, vegan bread, desserts such as profiteroles, and many other delicious treats. All are natural products made without any preservatives or chemicals.

Once you have tried their homemade bread, gourmet desserts and delicious new creations you will feel like you have a part of Italy inside you. It is a place to savor the exquisite homemade flavors of products made with much love and of undeniable quality.

You can find Baking Bread at 50th Avenue and Calle 17, phone 01 987 107 8244 and 9871036505. If you want more information about Baking Bread, you can check them out at Facebook/@bakingbreadcozumel and Instagram/BakingBread. Their dessert project is at Facebook/@Vivalapastry.

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