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Cancun’s Fifth International Coral Fest

The festival brings together national and international choirs and ensembles (this year from Colombia, Guatemala. Venezuela and the Philippines).

Last week I came across  the Fifth International Coral Fest poster. At first I thought it was a biology event concerning coral reefs so I almost ignored it. It’s not that I don’t care about reefs, it’s just that I’m not an expert.

I know about music and that’s what it actually is – a singing festival. I play a couple of instruments, but I have always admired the talent for singing, which is a skill that you can develop. In any case, having the chance to make complex sounds and music without having to use any external object is outstanding. And so was the event!

The Coral-Cun International Fest is more than just a music fest. They call it cultural tourism, or more specifically: Coral Tourism. The festival brings together national and international choirs and ensembles. This year saw representatives from Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela and the Philippines. Performers are offered lodging, expeditions to different areas in the peninsula and workshops with important singing teachers and coaches.

It all makes sense when you discover the background of the people organizing Coral-Cun: Lupita Rodríguez R. and Edgar G. Salzmann. They started the festival in 2013 and also coordinate the Coral-Cun Choir and other projects. Lupita has a tourism management degree and Edgar is a professional singing teacher. Together they realized that something is missing, not only in Cancun but in Mexico; this is the only event of its kind.

All the presentations were fantastic and for free. The only exception was the closing gala at the Cancun Theater that cost 100 pesos.. Out of four nights of great music, in my opinion, the highlight of this year’s edition was the presentation at San José Obrero Church, in Puerto Morelos. It was the perfect scenario to see the Colombian choir in action and an exceptional quartet from Mexico City playing a faith restoring performance. I also recommend the Naui Vocal Ensemble, they are a local talent worth seeing.

For more info:Facebook/CoralCun Arte Vocal

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