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Celebrating Women in Art: Anastasiya Fomchyna

Meet the Belarusian, contributing to the Cancun community through its urban art scene

At The Playa Times, we love art and creative women. We’ve talked about ‘artivism’ in Cancun in previous editions and in this edition, we introduce to you Anastasiya Fomchyna, the mind behind some of those projects (Platforma and Cancun Street Art Walking Tours). She was born in Minsk, Belarus, and after volunteering around the world, she decided to become a Cancun neighbor in 2015.

The Playa Times: It’s a long way from Belarus, how did you get to Cancun?

Anastasiya: It was a spontaneous encounter; I was studying (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting in the sphere of International Relations and a Master’s degree in International Law) and had the opportunity to travel. My journey brought me to Mexico. I discovered Cancun and that inspired me a lot. I saw many young people gathering together, holding interesting events, bazaars, festivals – creating their own city. That was five years ago. Almost three years ago, after graduating from university and getting my degree, I moved to Cancun.

Tell us about your projects in Cancun.

I work with street art and have my project, Platforma. Platforma is the education project that uses art as a tool to create a cultural platform for the community in Cancun, bringing local artists and urban projects together, helping young people to express themselves through street art. We do courses and workshops in graffiti, mural art, design, illustration, painting.

“Cancun is a very tolerant and open city, and as any citizen, I have the same issues but try to focus just on good ones.”

Anastasiya Fomchyna

What is your experience as a woman in Cancun?

Cancun is a very tolerant and open city, and as any citizen, I have the same issues but try to focus just on good ones.

What message do you have for the women of Cancun?

Don’t forget about our inner potential – constantly developing, growing knowledge and cultivating respect, to create more great tools and resources for positive changes inside and outside of us.

How will you support International Women’s Day?


What female Cancun artists would you recommend for our readers?

So many good artists working in Cancun: Liz Rashell, Marisol  D’estrabeau, Marycarmen Perez Rodriguez, Ana Sofía Castañón, Michelle  Cortazar, Ane Alvarez, Daniela Palacios



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