LGBT in the Community: Canadian Tour Guide

Meet Véronique, a tour guide from Quebec building a life and making plans for the tour industry in Playa del Carmen

It is my pleasure to present to you an amazing woman named Véronique Gironne. This  31-year-old woman from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec, Canada, recently celebrated her second anniversary living in Playa del Carmen. She had been living in Montreal for nine years before deciding to follow the woman of her life here.

Moving out of the country for the first time and mostly to the unknown, was a big step for Véronique. Sincerely, she has had no regrets since. When she first got to Mexico, she didn’t speak any Spanish. Her adaptation was a little bit difficult due to the language barrier. Slowly but surely, she learnt it. French is her mother tongue, English her second language, now she has added Spanish to the list. Vero finds it important moving to a new country to learn how to properly communicate with its residents.

Working as a tour guide, she enjoys the beauty of our paradise on a daily basis. She gets to do activities with new people from around the globe every day. They go to cenotes, lagoons, swim with the turtles, and visit the ruins. She is currently doing her federal guide course in order to go to all the ruins sites of the Yucatan Peninsula specifically. Keep your eyes open for her because she will soon start her own private and friendly tours under Somos Travel.

Véronique studied archeology and anthropology at university, and history has always been one of her favorite subjects. She is looking forward to expanding not only her knowledge, but the quality of the tours she is doing and others she is currently developing. Miss Gironne is also involved in Playa del Carmen’s LGBT community, working by my side. She supports our cause, participates in every event and I really appreciate everything she does because her efforts directly benefit the LGBT community.

If you are looking for an excellent tour guide in Playa with great and valuable customer service, contact her through Véronique Gironne on Facebook.


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