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I Didn´t Know That! Important Mexican Immigration Information

Immigration does occasional checks to make sure that you are in the country legally. No, it doesn’t happen a lot, but if it happens and you can´t prove you are here legally, it could be a hassle.

  • Residents! Carry your residency card or at the very least take a photo of your card with your phone. We spoke with immigration in July 2017 and they told us that a photo is sufficient. 
  • Tourists! Carry copies of your passport photo page & FMM. No access to a copier? At the very least take a photo of your documents with your phone.

Wait! What´s an FMM? That´s the little piece of paper immigration puts in your passport at the airport). Don’t lose it! If you lose your FMM, you may be charged a fine upon departure, and it will slow you down at the airport.

Another thing you should know if you decided to rent or own a car here…

  • Make sure you are proper car insurance for Mexico. And no, that doesn´t mean your personal insurance rental rider from your home country because that is not valid in Mexico. We hate to talk serious stuff here, but if you are in an accident involving injuries or damage to property, you may be held by the police until blame is assessed. If you are found responsible, you may be held until agreed upon reparations to the injured party or family members are made. Residents, this means you too! This applies to all drivers in Mexico, not just foreigners.


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