Martinis: Shaken or Stirred?

Whether you are an aficionado or just looking for a good cocktail after a long, hard day, check out these spots to get a great martini in Playa

Although Bond, James Bond may want his shaken, not stirred, you can have yours however you wish. A great martini starts with a well chilled glass, quality ingredients, and just the right amount of ice cubes in a shaker. The shaking (or not) is the most important part of making the martini and is the right balance of shaking or stirring.  Some purists don’t want a “bruised” martini. Drape a lemon peel on the side of the glass, plop a blue cheese, olive or cocktail onion in that glass of gin and you are on your way to a simply classic concoction. Add a muddle of fresh fruit, basil, chocolate, ginger or cucumber and you have taken the martini to a new height.

  • Almirante PECH’s Green Cucumber Martini” is a refreshing concoction: vodka, triple sec, cucumber, mint, lemon, salted rim. Facebook/Almirante PECH.
  • Piola’s “Frozen Basil Martini” is the adult version of a slushie: basil, vodka, lime, sugar, ice. Facebook/Piola Playa del Carmen.
  • Plank’s “Lychee Martini” has an Asian inspiration: citron vodka, lychee nuts and coconut milk.  Facebook/Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar.
  • Sur’s “Ginger Martini” has that little bite: vodka, ginger, triple sec.
  • Salt Rock Grille + Cocktail’s “24Karat Martini” will give you some bling: vodka, Campari, orange juice, simple syrup, gold sugar rim.
  • Canibal Royal’s “Zacapa Honey Royal” can be served in a martini or cocktail glass: Zacapa rum with black tea, piloncillo, orange juice & cinnamon sticks.

Martini mixing tip: Too many cubes and there is no room for your ingredients to blend nicely. Only put a single cube and rock it back and forth instead of creating a clash of the titans. 

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