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More and more residents of Cozumel are growing their own food and holding workshops to encourage and support backyard farmers

Life in Cozumel is developed and based on tourism, cruises, and diving. However, the most important aspect of this paradise island is being able to live naturally and in harmony with the ecosystem. With the great climate that exists in Quintana Roo, some residents are starting to participate in one of the healthiest ways of living: planting their own food !!

There are many restaurants that sell food that is fully grown in houses, from their own gardens. Mercaditos (small markets) also engage in various events and celebrations, inviting local farmers to sell their crops – radishes, cilantro, lettuce, moringa, aromatic and ornamental plants and more. The crops always depend on the season, so there is always a large variety.

There is also adato1 community of gardeners who meet to exchange knowledge and practice organic farming, and there are courses and workshops taught to the community. You can learn more about them on Facebook/Huerto Naturalmente Vivo. You can also see the process, results, and fellow gardening tips on some other Facebook pages such as Facebook/El kanche de Laura, Facebook/Huerto Urbano ProMaya, and Facebook/Martha Chavez. These pages are great resources and are dedicated to the art of planting at home. They also sell their seedlings from organic products.

The government of Cozumel, as well as some private clubs, support the community to continue this lifestyle. People are now starting their own gardens in their front yards. Popular crops such as cilantro, radishes, and pumpkins are common, as they survive in the wild without much care. The whole family can help out and learn from this lifestyle. There is something magical about watching the process unfold from seedling to harvest and getting your own fruits and vegetables.

It is a joy to harvesting and eat your own food. You create a bond by sharing it with your neighbors, and everyone can trade and enjoy in the feast. It is really great to know that the community of Cozumel hasn’t lost the tradition of planting, learning along the way and creating a plentiful, economic and healthy lifestyle for all to benefit from.

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