Quintana Roo Queer Film Festival

The community celebrated the Seventh Mexican edition of the exclusive cinema festival

From November 7 to 12 at el Teatro de la Ciudad in Playa del Carmen and Pink City Social Club in Cancun, touching and thoughtful, short and feature films were presented for the second edition of the Queer Film Festival in Quintana Roo and seventh edition in Mexico.

The inauguration of the Queer Film Festival was an absolute success on Monday night November 7. I would like to thank Jan Novak from Playa Pride for coordinating this amazing festival.

The ribbon cutting took place outside el Teatro de la Ciudad with members and partners of the LGBT community, such as the Commissioner of ONU, Jesus Pena, President of Human Rights of Quintana Roo, Harley Sosa, Municipal President Cristina Torres and the lovely trans actress and opera singer Morganna Love. Jan Novak even shed a tear during his speech while thanking his husband, Ariel Dzib for his unconditional love and support at the opening.  

In Playa del Carmen, for two nights in a row and once in Cancun, the audience had the chance to see Morganna Love perform a couple of songs at the end of the presentation.

Films from Mexico, USA, Argentina, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic captured different aspects of the LGBT life on a daily basis.  Drama, tears, suspense, laughs and confusion presented in the short and feature films as well as in the documentaries chosen by Jan Novak, were on the menu to open the mind of the Quintanarroense. Without a doubt, there was something for everyone during the festival.

The first documentary presented was Made in Bangkok by Flavio Florencio. It was my favorite of them all, due to the content of transsexuality, from which I’ve learned a lot. I must say, I’m pretty sure everyone learned something new. We were lucky enough to have a Q&A at the end of the presentation with Morganna Love herself, the star of the documentary.  

The short film P*to, by Martin Bautista, caught my attention because I could relate to being attracted to the same gender at a young age. I also knew someone with AIDS back then, and I was trying to understand what was happening with him and with me at the same time. When you are surrounded by ignorant people, it can be difficult to accept yourself and the others. That is why it is important to be amalgamated with people who supports you no matter what.

I didn’t quite enjoy Dolares de Arena because it was simply too long. It would’ve been better as a short film and if it had gone straight to the point. I had a hard time understanding what they were saying because of the Dominican accent. Subtitles would have been a good addition, even in all the films, considering that the Quintana Roo population is very multicultural. Overall, we must admit it was a thriving festival from the beginning to the end.  

On a radiant Sunday afternoon, the closing of the Queer Film Festival Pool Party presented by Gay Travel occurred at the Reina Roja Rooftop. Pool, sun, free shots of tequila, DJ, sunset and moonrise made this event a memorable one. Guests also participated in a raffle to win three jungle tours by Marina Sunset in Cancun.  

We are definitely looking forward to the 3rd edition of the Queer Film Festival in Playa del Carmen and Cancun next year! The cities have shown their interest in the festival and its special guests and beyond any doubt, want more.


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