Magenta Art & Culture Ristoclub

Part-coffee shop, educational centre, and gallery, this hybrid space on the island offers a place where artisans can meet and share their work

Magenta is located on Avenue 10, between Juárez and 2nd street. It opened in 2014 with the idea of creating something different for the island of Cozumel. It is part coffee shop, art gallery, children’s library, restaurant, bar and more. It is a shared space, where people meet and share their art, get a glimpse of cultural and recreational activities, and participate in making new proposals every month.

For almost two years, Magenta has been providing all of this to residents and visitors, who are discovering how innovative and unique the project is. It is a place where people can use its facilities to connect with art and culture on a local, national and international level.

The artists come from countries such as Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Germany, and other parts of Mexico. They come to Magenta to connect with people who have a lot to give in terms of creativity and energy. The idea of Magenta is to have a place where you can focus and amplify all of that energy into creative power; a create a place to exhibit art and share knowledge. It provides an opportunity to bring together people from diverse cultures.

During the daytime, Magenta operates as an educational center. In January, they will offer a clown course, classes for the creative expression of voice, photography, free cinema screenings, workshops for children, poetry recitals and more. At night they host musicians from all over the world.

February 13 is Magenta’s second anniversary, so expect some surprises for their celebration.

For more information about Magenta visit them on Facebook/Magenta Art&Culture Ristoclub.

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