Gliding like a Mermaid

Swim Freedive Cozumel offers exciting new activities for aspiring mermaids

sirena2Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim like a mermaid? It is possible to make that wish a reality with Swim Freedive Cozumel. I spoke to Julie, who is the little mermaid behind this new activity.

The Playa Times: Julie, how did you become a mermaid?

Julie: I’m from a rocky place called Colorado, not really close to the sea. From the age of six, I was on the swimming team. It always made sense to me to combine my love of the water with a professional career. I finally found my dream job in Denver on the education team at the downtown aquarium. However, in 1997, I became a diving instructor and I decided to trade the aquarium for the beauty of the wild coral reef. In 2006, I took my first freediving course and immediately began competing internationally. Over the years I have been a member of the USA Freediving Team, as well as a record holder.

Today I consider myself a retired competitive freediver. I find the joys of freediving instruction much more rewarding. I teach freediving, regular swimming lessons and mermaid swimming lessons. One of my friends was a professional mermaid and she shared her passion with me. I used to work as a professional mermaid for Atlantis Submarine in Cozumel, putting on shows and gliding on the coral reef.

What kind of course do you recommend to become a mermaid, and is it accessible to all?

To become a mermaid swimmer you have to be somewhat aquatic and a good swimmer. Cozumel is an ideal place to learn because the water is so clear and shallow there. I offer different courses including:

  • Mermaid Fitness: Perfect gym-for-water workouts, all with a different twist to ensure a shapely mermaid figure, and leave you with a chill mermaid vibe well after your workout.
  • Mermaid Relax: A session which helps to focus the mermaid’s breath for complete aquatic relaxation.
  • Fit to Be a Mermaid: A challenging workout designed to bring out your inner mermaid as we work on your core.
  • Floating Mermaid: We use a real merFin as a prop as we work the moves to shape your mermaid figure.

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