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Tips for Making a Wish List

Wishes can be ambiguous, so if you really want to find your perfect home, you need to be very specific about your dream. And this is where making a wish list enters the picture! Use this valuable tool to focus your efforts on finding the home of your dreams.

Everyone who owns a vacation home started out with just a wish. But wishes can be ambiguous. If you’re serious about finding the perfect home, you need to be very specific about your dream. And this is where making a wish list enters the picture.

A wish list will help you focus on what you need in a property and avoid any distractions. And when you start working with a buyer’s representative, they can use it to narrow down their search to show you properties that you will actually like. So, grab a pen and paper and start jotting down your ideas!

What to consider

  • Your budget. Define an amount and subtract the closing costs from this figure; that’s your real budget.
  • Your lifestyle. Your preferences and hobbies are key to creating the picture of your dream home.
  • The purpose of your investment. Are you using the property to generate income, or personal use, or both?
  • Location. Is beachfront a must? Do you want to be downtown or in a gated community? Your personal preferences and the plans for the use of the property will define the location that is best for you.

Your goal is to have the home of your dreams on paper: the size, number of bedrooms, location, if you want a pool, a garden or a private rooftop and so on.

Now, of course, you may find an amazing property that is nothing like your selected choices. For example, maybe you want to be in the tourist area, but you found a bigger unit for the same price a few blocks away from it. Or you were considering a private home, but there’s an amazing opportunity for a price reduced condo.

In this case, take your time to check out the pros and cons to make a good decision. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your agent for their input. You might be in front of the deal of the year without knowing it, so use their expertise to make a great investment!

Start Your Wish List Now!

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