Biking in Punta Venado Bike Park

Biking is one of the many ways to stay fit in Playa del Carmen whilst enjoying the beautiful sights of the Caribbean at the same time

If you are already bored of going to the gym or doing the same exercise routines locked in your house, it is time to try something new! How about biking?

Without a doubt, cycling and biking are ideal activities to stay in shape, but they are also excellent for discovering new places and meeting new people.

I can recommend the perfect place to practice biking in Playa del Carmen – it’s called Punta Venado Bike Park. I assure you that the bike ride there will impress you because there is nothing better than riding in a park near the beaches of the Caribbean.

You will find color-coded routes to facilitate the experience and to avoid getting lost, so pay attention because the green route is for beginners, the blue one is intermediate and the black one is for the experts. In my opinion, the park is enjoyed best on the beginners’ route, since it is the flattest route allowing more speed. In addition to that, the other routes are more strenuous and require the technique, experience and ability to avoid accidents. So if it is your first time in the park, it’s best to take the green route first.

If you’ve already ventured to Punta Venado Bike Park, my second recommendation is to visit the website journeytheapp.com and join the events that are organized there or you start your own! This website was created by two young men from Cancun who love outdoor sports, so it is great for people who like to practice group activities, make new friends and share stories and tips.

The next event is scheduled for Saturday, October 21. If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact one of the organizers Iker Quintana at quintana.iker@gmail.com.

Access to Punta Venado Bike Park costs 130 pesos for people who bring their own mountain bike and helmet, but if you do not have the equipment, you can rent it separately.

Enjoy the ride and share your experience!


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