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What are the differences between internet providers and who should you use?

Hi Allan  

Can you recommend any internet providers in Playa?


Hi Kristen

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Thanks for your question. Telmex and Izzi are the primary providers in town. Telmex provides DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) which comes installed with a landline and Mexican phone number. Speeds vary based on location and your subscription package, but expect promised speeds between 5-100 megabytes. Service quality varies like the speed.

Izzi provides a cable-based service, so your installation comes with TV, internet and phone. Speeds also are between 5-100 megabytes. Expect service to be slow at times, fast at others and to go out at some point. Over the years, service quality with both services has improved as has speed.

In our property management office we use both Izzi and Telmex, but Telmex is only 5 MB (we are told they can’t do faster) while Izzi reaches almost 100 MBs.
There are also satellite-based options, but from experience they are expensive, unreliable and slow. I can’t recommend any of them.

Hopefully you are in an area where you can sign up for either Izzi or Telmex, or both. It’s nice to have a back up if you rely on the internet like we do.


Allan Lockhart

Co-owner, North American Standards

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