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Chia Seeds

A handful of information about this growingly popular food


  • What Are They?

This popular little superfood can be found in all our fruterias and grocery stores around Playa. Local to Mexico and South America, the Aztec, Maya and Inca ate Chia Seeds as a source of energy for runners and warriors. Chia means strength in the Mayan language. The seeds are easy to digest and a versatile addition to many recipes.


  • High quality protein source.
  • High in essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3. This is one of the richest plant-based sources.
  • Vitamins A, B (1,2 & 3), E & D.
  • Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese.
  • High antioxidant activity, even better than blueberries! This also helps them last up to two years unrefrigerated.
  • High in fiber.

    The Benefits

  • Improved Digestion. Fiber promotes a healthy digestive tract and helps you feel full quicker. The soluble fiber can also work as a prebiotic supporting healthy probiotic growth in the gut.
  • Heart Health. With more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than salmon, Chia seeds can help lower blood pressure and inflammation and decrease bad cholesterol.
  • Boost Energy & Metabolism. Add Chia seeds to water to make your own sports drink; improve performance and burn fat.
  • Strengthen Bones. The high calcium and mineral content of chia seeds makes them a great food for healthy bones. Gram for gram, they have more calcium than many dairy products.
  • Prevent Insulin Resistance. Studies have shown chia seeds help to stabilize insulin levels even in high sugar diets, potentially offering protection against type 2 diabetes and inhibiting belly fat.

    How to use them

  • Soak chia seeds before consuming them or using them in recipes. This will reduce the phytic acid and promote easier digestion. The bland taste means chia seeds can be incorporated into many different foods, both savory and sweet, as they will absorb the flavors around them.
  • Add to water, smoothies, juice, oatmeal, puddings, cereal or yoghurt. They can also be included in vegetable, grain and rice based dishes to instantly improve the nutrient content.

Sara Jones
Spa, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert and Founder of Spa Professional Mexico magazine

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