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Isla Mujeres is 167 years old!

This summer, celebrate the anniversary of the founding of this island paradise

On August 17, 1857, Isla Mujeres founded its first community with a population of approximately 250 people. On this date we remember the history of this beautiful island that has undergone great transformations, making it one of the favorite tourist destinations of the country and the entire world.

In the pre-Hispanic period, Isla Mujeres was a sacred place dedicated to the goddess Ixchel, the deity of fertility, moon, abundance and medicine. Isla Mujeres, was not a place of settlement, but a destination for religious pilgrims to ask for miracles in the temple. Many years later, in spite of the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the island remained quiet and was not a place of bloody conflicts. For this reason Maya survivors of the Caste War migrated here, bringing fishing to the island, as did some Spanish pirates, who helped activate the economy of the region.

August is an important month to remember the beginnings of this island, full of mysticism, beauty, growth and miscegenation.

In the 1990s, a bronze cross was placed on the bottom of the Manchones reef, as a symbol of the founding of the island. It is known as the Cross of the Bay and is located 12 meters deep, weighing about a ton and is 3 meters high. Each year on this date, Catholic masses are celebrated in honor of the cross, and many divers from all over the world come to visit. This cross is a tribute to all the men and women who have died at sea.

August is an important month to remember the beginnings of this island, which is full of mysticism, beauty, growth and miscegenation. There will be a great celebration, with customs and traditions to honor all its inhabitants, especially the first families who came to the island. The government grants recognition to their descendants and all those people who have contributed to the island’s tourist, labor and social development. There are also sports, music and dance events with lots of regional folklore, with young and old ambassadors representing the island.

If you haven’t visited Isla Mujeres yet, you now have the perfect excuse to see this paradise and help celebrate its foundation 160 years ago.

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