Puerto Vallarta

Health and Fitness in Vallarta

The Puerta Vallarta area offers a range of activities to help you lead a healthy, active life

HIIT are common, one thing is certain: there are many options for exercise. The world of fitness brings a greater awareness about health, along with discovering new places with organic food and drink alternatives.  

I went to various gyms around the Nuevo Vallarta area and had a look at what classes they are offering and how they are keeping up with various new trends. One place focused on  martial arts as a way to become fit. Activities like muay Thai, boxing (not necessarily with someone else) and wrestling combine exercise with fighting skills.

Crossfit is still one of the most popular activities. Classes are offered throughout the area on a daily basis. TRX is still very much up there too .

Living next to the water means there are many more alternatives for exercise than just the gym. Both Bucerias and Yelapa have aquatic parks which are surprisingly challenging and fun. In Sayulita, and also in Punta de Mita and Nuevo Vallarta, you see a lot of places offering paddle boarding. If you get lucky, you might get to know some surfers that take you to the more hidden beaches where the killer waves are.

Food is also a big thing in this area. If you want to be a top restaurant on the various review websites, you had better offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes. More specialized places like the recently opened Booster Juice in Paradise Plaza have everything from smoothies to high protein superfood. If you visit any of the big supermarkets you will see that there is usually a space reserved for power food, vegan and organic products.

In this area there are many ways to stay fit and healthy from watersports to food. No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be something for you.


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