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Five Tips to Help You Sleep

Having trouble dozing off? Try these ideas to help you get the Zs you need!

Sometimes it is hard to sleep well. Whether you are away from the comfort of your own home or not. I tend to sleep in a lot of different beds. Now, now, it’s because I travel a lot! Here are a few things I have learned to help send you off into the land of nod:

1.Control Light

Light in the room can be a real distraction, even more so if it comes from a source you can’t control: headlights outside your window, a flashing smoke detector, etc. Invest in a comfortable eyeshade to eliminate visual distraction and remember; white/blue light stimulates the brain to wake up, so resist looking at screens when you can’t sleep.

Wellness Tip: Use red/orange nightlights in case you need to get up in the night, this will have the least stimulating effect on the brain.

2.Reduce Noise

You can try your best to reduce the noise in your immediate vicinity. However, there’s no controlling noise from outside. While earplugs can be uncomfortable and fall out in the night, they can help you get to sleep if you are in an unusually noisy environment.

Wellness Tip: If you can’t reduce the noise, try adding to it! Download a ‘sleep sounds’ app to your phone and listen to white noise such as rain or waves.

3.Use Aromatherapy

Lavender can be an excellent sleep aid, as studies show it lowers heart rate and blood pressure, helping you relax. Add a couple of drops of pure essential oil to a tissue placed by your pillow or onto the edge of your eyeshade.

Wellness Tip: It’s important to use high-quality essential oils. Synthetic aromas won’t have the same effect!

4.Less Alcohol, More Water

Now I certainly won’t tell you not to enjoy a drink while out in Playa del Carmen, but drinking a lot, late at night, can disturb your sleep. Perhaps ease off the alcohol later in the evening and alternate sparkling water with your favorite cocktail. Be sure to hydrate well once you get in, you may need a nighttime trip to the bathroom, but it should still help you sleep more soundly.

5.Find The Right Temperature

Whether you have the AC cranked up high or the ocean breeze blowing through the window, find the right temperature to relax.

Wellness Tip: Use breathable, cool bedding.

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