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Scale the Stairs

Forget the gym – get the same results with these alternative DIY workouts

Even if you’re not a fan of the gym and running is not your preferred cardio activity, you’re never too far away from a good workout if you have stairs in your home, building or nearby sports stadium. We are lucky there are so many of these facilities in Playa del Carmen open to the public!

Here are few ways to incorporate stairs into your workout routine:

Sprint Interval Training

No time to exercise? Think again!

Brief bursts of intense activity at maximum capacity followed by short rest periods to catch your breath. After a gentle warm up, try three 60-second bursts of activity over a 10-minute period interspersed with recovery periods, followed by a cool down. Create a Stair Routine

Mix up the exercises to vary your routine. Choose any combination: regular stair runs, double stair runs (step on every other stair), double foot jump (single stair or double stair if you’re feeling energetic), side runs up and down, squat jumps (single stair or double stair), knee raises stair climb.

Don’t Forget Static Exercises and Upper Body

Running the stairs is a great workout for the legs and glutes, but don’t forget static exercises and the upper body in your workout. Stairs can be used for triceps dips, incline push ups (or decline push ups if you’re super strong), incline or decline plank, calf raises, split squats, leg raises and Russian twists.


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