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Meditation on Twin Hearts

Free yourself from the aggravations of daily life by practicing this meditation

Feeling tired? Stressed? Or spiritually empty? Ease yourself from the aggravation of daily life by practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination. It is also a form of ‘world service’ as the divine energy received during meditation will be used to bless the entire world.

Key to Attaining Higher Consciousness

Besides rendering service to humanity, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is also the key to attaining higher consciousness. The technique works by focusing on what is called ‘twin hearts’: the Emotional Heart and the Divine Heart described as the physical and spiritual heart centers. This meditation allows you to serve as a channel to receive a tremendous downpour of divine energy. It is through this flow of powerful energy that you can achieve illumination and higher consciousness. So if you want to be relieved of daily stresses while helping the world become a better place, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is a wonderful practice to incorporate in your daily routine.

Based on the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

The Meditation on Twin Hearts uses the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi to become a conduit of blessings to the world. The technique helps transmute negativity into positive states: turning hate into love, sadness to joy, and despair to hope.

Steady practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts will significantly improve your physical health, mental health, and spiritual connection to God. Thousands of practitioners all over the world in over 150 countries regularly do the Meditation on Twin Hearts. If everybody started to practice this wonderful form of world service, we can certainly achieve world peace. So if you want to be relieved of daily stresses while helping the world become e a better place, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is the right technique for you.

“Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the most powerful meditation tools for spiritual development. It is a true gift from the Great Ones.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Source: Pranic Healing Philippines, “Meditation on Twin Hearts” Master Choa Kok Sui,

(reprinted with permission)

The Center for Pranic Healing is located in Playacar Fase II, Paseo Tulum, Edificio Bugambilias. For more information visit Facebook/Sanación Pránica Quintana Roo

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