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Cryotherapy for Wellness: A Health Boosting Spa Treatment

Sara recounts her experience with cryotherapy, a health boosting spa treatment

Having never tried cryotherapy previously, I was eager to experience this treatment at the beautiful Âme Spa at Turnberry Isle in Miami. As a huge fan of cold plunge pools (when combined with hot Jacuzzis, steam and sauna, of course), I believed I would enjoy the experience. I’m happy to report that I really did!

To prepare for the experience you wear underwear or swimwear and remove all metal jewelry from the body. After donning mitts and booties to keep hands and feet warm during the process, you step into the ‘space-age’ looking machine as the cold mist starts to swirl.

At first, the sensation was only slightly cool and I was encouraged to slowly turn in circles so no part of the body got too cold too quickly. The practitioner accompanying me talked through the process and checked how I was doing.

As it quickly gets colder, I felt a sensation similar to pins and needles over the exposed skin and, although the intensity increased, it was not an uncomfortable feeling at all. Where the bones are close to the surface of the skin, like elbows and knees, it can feel a little painful though.

As I stepped out from the cryotherapy machine at the end, the blood flowed back into the skin and created a vibrant, tingling feeling all over the body. I was instructed to keep moving for a few minutes to warm up the muscles, and then enjoy 20 minutes in the infrared sauna to complete the experience. In the hours that followed I felt invigorated and energized.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

Reduces inflammation

Increases metabolism

Improves mood / relieves depression

Chronic pain reduction

Muscle healing

Collagen boosting for skin health

Although we don’t yet have cryotherapy available here in Playa del Carmen, it’s definitely worth a try when travelling somewhere that does!


Sara Jones

Spa, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert, Spa Consultant, Speaker and Founder of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine

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