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Global Wellness Day: Wellness for Children

Children need to be exposed to wellness practices early in life, so strong and healthy emotional, physical and mental wellbeing

The Global Wellness Day organization made an announcement last October at the Global Wellness Summit, regarding their new initiative: GWD Kids, launching in 2018/19.

This new project will implement five-minute wellness circles at preschools each morning and eventually in phase two, one-hour wellness classes at elementary schools once a week.

Belgin Aksoy, founder of Global Wellness Day expressed her hope for the initiative. “With this project, I personally hope that kids all around the world will learn about breathing exercises to improve their health and manage their stress, about mindfulness to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing, and about self-love to let go of shame, anger, blame and to feel at peace, to accept themselves and others.”

Here are some wellness activities you can start today with your children:

  • Breathing Exercises

If all children can learn to take a deep breath and manage stress when they feel angry or upset, they will be better equipped to deal with disagreements and conflicts at home, with friends, at school and later in life.

  • Mindfulness

Teaching kids to focus their attention on the present moment, on one thing, and one thing only, can help them enjoy being calm. This can assist their learning abilities, happiness and reduce worry about the past and the future.

  • Exercise

This should go without saying, however, the World Health Organization states that: “Globally, there are more than 1.6 billion overweight adults, with at least 300 million of them clinically obese.” Habits begin with children living a healthy lifestyle, so help yours to run, jump, play, swim, cycle and take part in sports as much as possible to help them lead a long, healthy life.


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