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Exchange Books in Playa del Carmen with Libre Libros

Update your collection, or donate to a good cause - join one of Libre Libros’ events and give the gift of reading to yourself or another

Nothing better than reading on the beach! Lying on the sand, facing the sea and under the shade of a palm tree. Have you ever tried it?

There is no doubt that reading offers multiple benefits to both the mind and the spirit since it relaxes us. But at the same time it opens our imagination and transports us to worlds where everything is possible.

If you already have the habit of reading or want to develop it, I recommend you approach Libros Libres, a non-profit citizen initiative created in 2015 to encourage reading in Playa del Carmen. Its main plan of action consists of a book-exchange program that is carried out regularly in Parque La Ceiba and Planetario Sayab. They also have other activities, such as reading presentations in public spaces, book presentations by local authors and two free annual events: the Libros Libres Fest and the celebration of its anniversary. This is where various artistic and cultural activities are organized to enjoy with the family.

So far, Libros Libres have had more than 48 events in which they have exchanged about 2800 books, been given more than 700 books, and have donated more than 600 books to various educational institutions. But they want to achieve more! They are open to donations to increase their book bank and thus have more variety for exchanges, since the main goal is to take reading to more distant sectors of the population.

If you are interested in participating by donating any book in good condition or making an exchange, go on Saturday December 16 to Parque La Ceiba from 1 pm to 4 pm and be part of this incredible cause. For more information visit their social media or write them at

Reading is about sharing a unique and intimate moment with yourself, so do not miss the opportunity to travel with your mind, elevate your culture and expand your knowledge!

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