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A beautiful way to spend your Thursday evening is walking Quinta Avenida and enjoying the art on display during Caminarte

rgb3If you are an admirer of art and love the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen’s famous Quinta Avenida, then we have a treat for you. Caminarte is a weekly, ongoing art show that is exhibited along the most popular spot in the Riviera Maya.  Fifth Avenue is Playa’s answer to a boardwalk. It stretches for over a kilometer and is adorned with markets, restaurants and stores. On Thursday nights, you will find Caminarte,  the local art show.

Come off the beach and welcome the night by walking along this busy pedestrian avenue between 18th and 38th streets and enjoy the works of local artists.  Starting in the late afternoon-early evening, artists will begin to set up displays of their work.  Many times you will see the artists in action as they use their talent as entertainment for the passing tourists and locals.

The word caminarte is a combination of two Spanish words caminar meaning to walk and arte meaning art. Since you won’t find too many art museums around, this is Playa del rgb2Carmen’s answer to a cultural hub.  You can meet the artists, and they are happy to speak with you about their projects and inspirations.  

There are a variety of expositions you will find as you wander through this live museum.  There are painters, airbrush artists, glass blowers, leather makers and much more.  Some you will find each week and others come and go. Even if you go every week, you will discover something new and exciting there through their world of art.  

Caminarte is an amazing way to bring back a beautiful part of Mexico to your home no matter where you live. You will be supporting local artists and their families and inviting the Mexican culture into your home.  

Follow our upcoming series as we get to know some of the artists that make Caminarte one of the jewels of Playa del Carmen.

For more information visit Facebook/Caminarte.


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