Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Volunteering Opportunities (Part One)

Looking to make a difference in the Riviera Maya? Here are a list of animal welfare organizations that need your help

Contact any one of these amazing nonprofit organizations in Playa del Carmen to start making a difference.

  • SOS el Arca. Come and visit SOS el Arca in their new larger shelter. This  local non-profit dog shelter takes in as many street or pound dogs as they possibly can. Their needs include dog food, foster homes, volunteers for weekly dog walking on 5th Avenue, bathing, playing and socializing with the dogs. Make sure you check or Facebook/SOS el Arca.
  • Coco’s Animal Welfare. They are dedicated to low cost or free sterilization of pets and street dogs and cats. Volunteers are required for kitten cuddling, fostering, community outreach donations and fundraising. Contact them at or Facebook/Coco’s Animal Welfare Playa del Carmen.
  • The Snoopi Project. Originally, this nonprofit’s mission was to provide protection to dogs from the harsh elements in the form of a dog house, but they find themselves providing medical treatment, sterilization and food for families who may not otherwise afford it, to provide for their pets. Foster homes are needed for abandoned and abused animals that they find along the way. If you would like more information, visit them on Facebook/The Snoopi Project – Riviera Maya.
  • Mi Amigo de la Calle (my friend from the street) is a dedicated group of people with a mission to improve the life of unwanted pets in Playa del Carmen. This nonprofit organization has been collecting pet food (13.5 tons to date), which is donated to local animal shelters and Cebiam (city pound). They are committed to raising awareness doing children’s events and hosting sterilization campaigns and adoption fairs. Find them on Facebook/Mi Amigo de la Calle.

Playa Animal Rescue is a local non-profit animal shelter, fostering, dog walking, spa & play days. Saturdays pick up for spa days in front of Mega at 9 a.m. Facebook/Playa Animal Rescue.

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