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Emergency Medical Evacuation: What’s Covered?

John Klug, a Senior Representative for Travel MedEvac answers questions people ask about emergency medical evacuation

So, John, we know that Travel MedEvac covers you for a medical transport back to the States or Canada when you have a serious incident here.  But, exactly what all is included?

Basically, TME assures you of Medical Evacuation Services directly to your home when you are in a hospital with a serious condition in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Bermuda.  Some 37 countries.  Here are more details:

Air Medical Transport to Your Home Hospital of Choice: Your Hospital, Your Doctors, Your Health Network – Travel MedEvac will provide Air Medical Transport every step of the way. 
No deductibles, no add-on’s, no hassle.  One phone call.

Ground Ambulance: All ground ambulance transfers from the hospital where you are being treated to whatever hospital you chose back home are covered.  No cost.

  Organ Transplant: We will bring the needed organ to you at no additional expense.

  • Traveling Companion or Family Member: They will accompany you every step of the way.  No cost.
  •  Return of Children & Grandchildren: We will bring your minor children or grandchildren back home, with an escort as needed. 
  No cost.
  •  Return of Stranded Vehicle, RV, Motorcycle, and Watercraft: We’ll bring everything home for you.  No cost
  •  Mortal Remains: If you, your spouse, or a covered family member dies while traveling, we will arrange to prepare and transport the remains home. We will also cover the cost to have a family member or designated friend accompany transport of the remains. 

In Addition, Five Year Plans Include the Following Enhanced Services

Emergency Ground Ambulance:  We cover any out-of-pocket local ambulance expenses that are not covered by your medical insurance. 
  Stranded Pet Return: We pay to return your dog or cat, including an escort by a family member if necessary. Visiting Grandchildren Covered: If an underage grandchild visits you without their parents, they’re covered, same as you.  

Other companies use the Internet and bid everything out to the lowest bidder.  This takes time, and you never know the qualifications of the crew.  We own or control some 57 aircraft, and all pilots and medical crew are employees.  The pilots have a minimum of 10,000 hours of flight experience.  The EMT’s must have 5+ years of emergency room certifications.  In many cases, we can have a plane on the ground in Cancun ready to evacuate you in less than 3 hours.

Call or email me

John Klug, Senior Consultant

Travel MedEvac

984-169-2600 (Mexico)

720-570-7883 (US)


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