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A Different Way to Visit Town

Get familiar with the different neighborhoods and the real estate market at once.

Many people buying property in the Riviera Maya have in common the fact that they visited the area many times before purchasing. In these visits, some stayed in different neighborhoods looking for the best place to live, while others found their perfect spot immediately and never looked outside that area.

But now there is a different option: a real estate tour that offers you the chance to get familiar with the different neighborhoods and the real estate market all at once.

Visit the neighborhoods

It happens all the time: you leave town wishing you had taken some time to walk around and explore and get to know the area or go looking for properties for sale. This won’t be a problem anymore!

There is a tour that, in just a couple of hours, will take you to explore Playa del Carmen or Tulum. You can choose the areas you want to see or you can allow the agent to plan the perfect itinerary depending on your budget and wish list. You will get to see the different neighborhoods in the area and learn about the real estate market. This tour is free; all you have to do is book the tour and enjoy the ride! There’s no salesy talk and no pressure to purchase. The goal of this tour is to get familiar with the area so you can find out if it’s the place for you.

Experience life in the Caribbean

If you have been considering a purchase but still need to find the perfect place, there’s another option, and this one includes staying for a few days in the destination of your preference. You can choose Playa del Carmen or Tulum as destinations, and there’s an option to visit both towns. Packages start at 4 days and up to 7 and they include accommodations, transportation and one-on-one sessions with real estate experts, so you can make the best decision when purchasing property in the Riviera Maya.

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