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Maya Lessons In La Kech

This is Fermin, one of my closest Maya friends and also the one from whom I learn the most. Not just how to live in the jungle but also the Maya language.

For awhile now I am researching the Maya greeting “IN LA KECH” (pronounced: inlakesh).

Photos. Michael-Maurus

There are books written about this phrase and Foundations and Universities are named after it. The scholars translate it as: “In you I see my other self.  We are one. I am Another You”.

I wanted to see what my friend thinks about it and if he ever uses it. When I asked him, he looked at me (I think I could almost detect a smile) and he just said: “Ah this we use for people we really like” and on he went with his work and another Maya lesson was completed.

Now when I see him during the day or on our photowalks in the jungle and he greets me with In la Kech I feel really honored to have become a part of this community.

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