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When Do We Know It Is Time?

We can only hope that when the time for our beloved elderly or sick pet is ready to pass away, nature will take its course, and the decision regarding its life will not fall on our hands. However, many times it is left up to the owners to decide whether to end an animal’s suffering. How can we make that decision for them?

datoYou might want to do all you can to ensure your pets live a long and healthy life, but when you find out they have a terminal illness, you need the help and advice of a veterinarian. A vet can advise you on the best treatments and have an objective and less emotional view of what should be done.

Although our pets can hide their pain, we need to pay close attention to them to find out how they really feel. If they are still eating and seem to be happy overall, we just need to make sure they are on the best medications to keep them comfortable with the help of our vet.

There are some signs of chronic pain you can look for in your animal, including not eating or not keeping food down, frequent vomiting, incontinence, depression, lack of interest or lack excitement. Hiding or spending time alone, labored breathing or coughing, moaning or crying, and not wagging a tail are all sure signs a dog is in pain and needs medical attention.

Most of us hope our pet will give us a sign to signal that it is time and put our mind and heart at ease. Always discuss your options with a veterinarian, then you can make an educated decision. Here in Playa, we are lucky to have many veterinarians that will do the procedure in the comfort of your home, avoiding extra stress for you and your pet. Staying with your pet, holding them and talking with them while they pass is a personal decision, but it can help to alleviate your own pain and ease the fear in your pet.

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