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What Is Your Face Telling You?

Breakouts in certain areas may be a sign of your overall health

The state of your health is often reflected clearly in your face. A breakout in a certain area may mean nothing more than a random clogged pore or temporary exposure to bacteria. But repeated breakouts in the same area on your face can tell you a lot, along with dark circles, dull skin and dryness. Have you slept enough?  Have you eaten well? Are you carrying excess toxicity? Are your hormones out of balance?


  • Breakouts here could be related to poor digestion, bladder health and elimination of waste. As it relates to the digestion of food in the intestines you may be having difficulty processing a certain food group such as dairy.
  • You may benefit from drinking more water and eating whole foods like fruit and vegetables. You could also try taking digestive enzymes or eliminating food groups to check for any improvement.

Between The Eyebrows

  • This area relates to the liver and congestion in the skin could indicate an excess of alcohol consumption, irregular sleep patterns or high stress.
  • Try reducing alcohol and increasing water intake. Increasing exercise can help with stress relief and encourages restful sleep.


  • Increased redness in the nose relates to the heart and can be a sign of high blood pressure or high salt intake. If the skin on the nose frequently peels and is always dry, this could be an indication of poor circulation.
  • Foods rich in good fats such as oily fish, avocados, nuts and chia seeds can regulate blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.

Chin & Jawline

  • Breakouts around this area can signify hormonal imbalances, a common area for breakout in premenstrual women and one of the most difficult to treat. Poor diet can also play a role here so make sure you eat well and avoid resting your chin on your hand, which can encourage bacterial exposure.
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