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Dear Landscaper: Sunny Climbers & Cool Water

In our Dear Landscaper section, our friends at Greenway Landscaping answer all your gardening and landscaping questions

Dear Landscaper:

We have a large area in our backyard with an ugly wall and lots of sun. What are the best vines and climbing plants for sunny areas?

Dear Reader:

Most plants that have colorful blooms need a lot of sun (my personal favorite is #1):

  1. Bugambilia: It has a variety of bright, beautiful colors including one called “Surprise”.  You can prune and grow it into any shape you wish. It does not attach to the wall and will need direction with wire.  
  2. Copa de Oro:  Can be used as a climbing vine or pruned to be a shrub or hedge. Also, does not attach to walls and can be directed.
  3. Mandeville: Comes in a few different colors, the most popular here is the bright yellow. It also does not attach to the wall but can be directed. It does take a little while when you first plant it, but once it starts growing – look out! It’s speedy.   

All of the above mentioned do not have full coverage to the ground. I suggest you put both medium and small size plants in front, so you are not looking at dirt and sticks.    

  1. Monedita and Sissus: Together they give a 3D green wall effect. They do not have blooms and attach directly to your wall. Future painting could be a pain, as once you remove them they do not reattach.

Dear Landscaper:

When is the best time of day to water my sod and plants?

Dear Reader:

Early morning and late evening are the ideal times. This is not only to save water but because during the heat of the day much of the water will evaporate before it hits the plants. Heated water can burn the plants and sod, so you will have to use more to cool down the soil and plants for better and needed saturation.  

We suggest an irrigation system to many of our clients, as it saves on water bills, keeps the plants and sod happy and doesn’t turn on when it has rained enough.  

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