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Criminalizing Dog Fighting in Mexico

Mexico has passed a bill to make any activity related to dog fighting illegal with a prison sentence up to seven and half years.

It is impossible to believe there are people out there that love to watch two dogs kill each other, but apparently, there are many cowards in this world. Fight training begins at a young age. Puppies are drugged and physically and mentally abused to create an aggressive animal. Win or lose, these dogs´ lives are horrific.  The loser of the fight is hung, beaten to death or just left to die from their injuries as they are no longer valuable to the owner. The winner will suffer untreated injuries and be forced to fight again.

Mexico has taken a giant step towards stopping animal cruelty by finally making dogfighting activities a criminal act. Anyone participating or supporting a dogfight will face grave consequences, including jail time and fines. This comprehensive law ensures that anyone who is contributing to this brutal event can be prosecuted, not only the dog owners but also anyone caught organizing fights, promoting, breeding and training fight dogs, transporting, owning or renting a property that is involved in any way, or buying or selling a fighting dog. With this legislation even participating as a spectator will be considered a crime. Offenders will face a jail sentence of six months to five years in prison and a fine from 200 and up to 2000 days pay.  Anyone allowing a minor to witness a dogfight will receive a higher penalty. Any public servant involved in dog fighting will receive an increase of two and a half years on their sentence allowing for up to seven and a half years. Last year, the Humane Society International/Mexico and other local animal welfare organizations began a major anti-dogfighting campaign, including petitions, press conferences, media blitzes, and pressuring lawmakers demanding this outcome.

Although underground illegal dog fights will probably continue, we have to be thankful for this step towards justice for abused animals.

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