Dhani Pacheco with Xuuxnë for DIF

Local musicians campaign to bring more music into the lives of vulnerable children in Playa

The arts movement in Playa del Carmen is made up of a beautiful community of people, and when they work together to help the less fortunate they can make miracles happen.  

Dhani Pacheco is a local musician who has teamed up with Marcz Reyna, director of the Xuuxnë music program, to work with the children in the DIF (System for the Integral Development of the Family). If you are not familiar with DIF, it is an organization that helps families. The children under the care DIF may have been abandoned, taken from violent homes, or are waiting out a custody battle between their parents. They are children in a system which does its best with the resources it has, but which often does not meet their needs.
Between now and their July 15 event at Parque La Ceiba, these two artists and their organizations are holding a Facebook campaign. For 500 likes on the Facebook/Xuuxneoficial page, Dhani will sponsor a week of classes given by Xuuxnë for the children in DIF. For 1000 likes, Xuuxnë will sponsor a second week of music therapy for the DIF children. The goal of this event is to provide social and psychological therapy for the kids through music.  

Xuuxnë is a Mixe word meaning “music that heals”. These children are in vulnerable situations and music has the ability to support them through their transitions. Xuuxnë believe that everyone has the right to music, no matter their socio-economic status, especially children. They will launch a campaign of ‘Likes for Them’ on the Facebook pages of Xuuxnë and Facebook/PachecoMx. As a bonus, the young students of Xuuxnë will perform the first single from Pacheco’s MUTUAL album called “Morenita” at the July 15 event at Parque La Ceiba.

Contact Daniel Pacheco 984-106-6988 or Marcz Reyna 999-397-5352 or through the Facebook pages Facebook/Xuuxneoficial or Facebook/Pacheco Mx

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