Introducing Pedro Castillo

A successful young figure in the business arena of Playa del Carmen, Pedro is also an active member of the local LGBT community

Have you ever heard the name, ‘Pedro Castillo’? If you have read my articles, you definitely have!

Pedro represents Mimosa Resto & Canteen at Playa del Carmen. He has been living in Playa del Carmen for almost five years. He is originally from the state of Quintana Roo, but has lived in various locations around the globe. When I asked Pedro what he does in life, he answered, “This is one of the most annoying questions I have to answer, because people think I’m lying! I’ll start with the basics. I work in the hotel industry as a manager of spas. I own Style Studio (beauty salon), Bridal Studio (make-up service) and to put a cherry on top, I work in Mimosa, the new gay bar of Playa del Carmen.” Pedro is definitely a guy in demand!

Mimosa is officially a gay bar for those who don’t know yet. “The story of Mimosa is that I was born gay, but I was in the closet more or less for the first few months of working with them (Mimosa). I refused to say I was gay but 90% of our clientele is from the community, so I decided to get out of the labor closet and hang the flag. In the end, it is a bar and everyone is welcome. We just want the customers to be comfortable and feel at ease!”

I asked Pedro what is his role in the gay community. “From the age of 15, I knew that something was different and immediately expressed it to the person I care about the most, my mother. As a result, I have been involved in the LGBT community of Playa del Carmen through Mimosa and I can tell you that it is something that I will never let go of. I believe this generation is very lucky with the work and devotion of older LGBT leaders but nevertheless, it is still an ongoing fight and we need to keep contributing to keep evolving.”

Pedro and Mimosa invite you to like their Facebook page to know all about their menu and next events.



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