GMB Goes Green

The Riviera Maya’s leading real estate company recently participated in an Zofemat event organized to clean up and preserve the precious beaches of Playa.

Last Saturday, August 26, GMB, the leading real estate company in the Riviera Maya, was part of a series of activities promoted by Zofemat to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the beaches in the area.

Through the campaign GMB Goes Green, around 88 participants of all ages, among them employees of the company, and their family and friends met early in the morning at Avenue Constituyentes harbor to start the activities of garbage recollection.

Accompanied by authorities of the Solidaridad municipality, the energy and emotion between participants was very evident, and after a brief informative talk about the importance of maintaining the beaches and the streets of the city clean, as well as a few words from GMB’s CEO Marc Pujol, the waste collection began.

Equipped with garbage bags divided by type of waste and keeping an eye on every detail with a genuine motivation, the groups divided along the length and width of the beach. Little by little the bags started to fill with various wastes and the emotion became evident; enthusiastic children supported the collection while learning about the importance of preserving the environment.

The activity, which lasted for about two hours, came to an end at 

the CTM Avenue. The groups gathered at this meeting point, many of whom were surprised at the amount of collected waste. In the middle of the circle of curious collaborators, the final weigh-in took place. Around 33 kilos of recyclable and non-recyclable waste was announced, including 400 grams of cigarette butts that were collected from the beach circuit Constituyentes – CTM.

The collection of cigarette butts specifically is a great help in reducing environmental impact, since among the facts mentioned in the informative talk, Zofemat representatives emphasized that a single cigarette butt can pollute up to 50 liters of water. We can prevent this alarming situation by sharing this important information.

The initiative of GMB Goes Green made evident how the unity of a community can make a difference, and how important it is to create awareness and educate society, before this problem affects the image of paradise that is Playa del Carmen.

As a socially responsible company, GMB is committed to taking action to preserve this important tourist destination through diverse activities planned for the future under its campaign GMB Goes Green.

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