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13 Reasons Pets Are Good For You

Forget about pharmaceuticals - all you need is a pet in your life to improve your health, mind, and wellbeing. Unconditional love is the answer to what ails you.

Is there a better feeling than walking in the door after a long day, and your dog goes crazy with excitement to see you? Rarely is anyone else so consistently happy to see us. This unconditional love makes us better people, and it also improves our health and wellbeing.


There are many benefits to having pets in our lives.

  • Pets teach children to be conscientious, empathetic and they help nurture responsibility for others.
  • Pets build confidence in shy children as they read and talk to them.
  • Children who own dogs are more active and motivated to get outside and play.
  • A dog encourages adults to get outside as well; if you did not have a dog you probably would not be walking around the block at ten at night.
  • Children who grow up with animals in the home have fewer illnesses or allergies and develop a stronger immune system than kids without pets.
  • Playing with your pet increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain; these are the feel-good chemicals that keep us happy.
  • Stroking a pet lowers your blood pressure and brings about a sense of calm.
  • Pets can save your life; dogs and pet rats have been known to detect disease, including cancer, in their owners. They can warn the owner of a seizure or alert their human to low blood sugar.
  • Pets make you socialize; even self-conscious people will make conversation with other pet owners or strangers they meet on their walk.
  • Service animals change people’s lives not only by keeping their human safe but also by providing emotional support.
  • Knowing an animal is depending on them, along with the act of caring for a living creature gives people, especially the elderly, depressed or terminally ill, a purpose in life.
  • Having a pet in the home alleviates the feeling of loneliness.  
  • The love of a pet helps people recover quicker from heartbreak or rejection.
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