OHL Classic at Mayakoba 2017

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the OHL Classic at Mayakoba this year, we give you a taste of the experience at the event that has something for everyone

The OHL Classic returned to Mayakoba from November 9-12. In addition to the outstanding golf on display by PGA TOUR professional players, there was much to admire about the organization of the event by the many employees and volunteers. This was my second year in attendance so I knew what to expect, but there are many things worth pointing out that made these four days of golf such a memorable experience.

Transportation for the day always began at Lot 11 where we would always find a van ready to take us to our destination. Our driver was a six-year veteran of Mayakoba. We never had to wait more than five minutes for someone to get us over to the golf course or back to our vehicle at the end of the day with speed, efficiency and professionalism. This was a welcome treat early in the morning and after a long day on our feet.

Golf is what we were there to see and we were fortunate to see some of the world’s best in action. For students of the game it was the chance to view up close and learn a few pointers about technique. As we moved around each hole and game was in play, a volunteer would hold up a sign reading SILENCIO. The spectators in the area would drop to a whisper as everyone’s attention was focused on the players in action. Golf is very much a walking game, and it was a great way to work up an appetite making the rounds of El Cameleon.

The food trucks parked around the golf course proved to be invaluable for those of us who were out there on foot. We found ourselves at one near the eighth hole, whose owner Edgar can usually be found selling his fish tacos on 38th Street in downtown Playa.

El Pueblito, the main entrance to the tournament was once again a great place to unwind after four days of spectating intense competition. With several stalls serving food and drinks and live music, it was a lively atmosphere enjoyed by families and friends of all ages.

The OHL Classic proved once again that it is more than just a competition aimed at golf enthusiasts. For those who live in the Riviera Maya or are visiting the region, it is a chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful properties in the area, spend a few different days out with family and friends, and meet new people from all over the world. The event is a unique blend of quality sport, outdoor fun, natural beauty and entertainment. I’m already looking forward to next year!

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