Celebrating Women in Entertainment: Blonde Producciones

Meet Nicola and Heather, founders of an all-female entertainment company celebrating strong, talented women

In this edition we are celebrating International Women’s Day, so I’m taking the opportunity to share a story about two girls who came to Playa several years ago and are now making their dreams come true. Meet Nicola Gallagher from Ireland, living in Mexico for nine years, and Heather Christie from New Zealand, in Mexico for eight years.

We both arrived in Mexico through Get Up & Go Global, an agency that helps find work in the hotels for dancers and entertainers. We are now the proud founders of Blonde Producciones, a new and exciting group of entertainers here in the Riviera Maya. After working in the industry for 10 years, we always had the dream of owning our own company, and in 2016 we finally had the courage to do so.

The idea initially was to start an all-girl group to portray strong, talented women. We wanted people to appreciate the skill and talent of the girls rather than only their image. We wanted to bring class and quality to the stage. We spotted a gap in the market and worked hard to bring something fresh and new to the local entertainment scene.

Our first show was called “Here Come The Girls,” which had singing, dancing and acrobatics. It was a new and exciting concept which thankfully brought many opportunities our way.

“We wanted people to appreciate the skill and talent of the girls rather than only their image; we wanted to bring class and quality to the stage.”

Blonde Producciones

Fast forward 18 months and we now have four different shows taking the Riviera by storm. We take pride in providing entertainment for all ages and continuing with our original concept of quality and class, performing in hotels in Cozumel, Cancun and the Riviera.

As two foreign females starting a business in Mexico, we definitely imagined we would face some hurdles. But thankfully this has not been the case and we are extremely proud to be one of the only female-run entertainment companies in the Riviera Maya.

Another factor we take pride in is that almost 50% of our dancers are working mums, so it is a very normal occurrence to have babies running around the rehearsal place. Nicola herself is a mother and understands how hard the transition to return to the workplace can be. This is why we support our girls and why they feel very comfortable within the company.

This is just the start for us. In July we will celebrate two years in business and here’s hoping we celebrate many, many more.

Facebook: BlondeProducciones

Instagram: @Blondeproducciones

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