Meet Dave Tomlinson from Abyss Dive Centre

Meet Dave Tomlinson, a Canadian expat scuba instructor who own his own shop in the Riviera Maya

In this edition I share with you Dave Tomlinson’s story; he’s a Canadian scuba diving instructor with more than 15 years’ experience exploring the subaquatic world of the Riviera Maya.

Dave: I came to Mexico for the first time in 1989-90, backpacking for four months from Cancun down through Central America, where I received my dive master certification. Then after that, I did trips to Baja California the next couple years for about a month at a time. I then took an eight-month trip in my van spending most of the time in this area, and I decided to come back about one year after that and work in Paamul where I did my instructor course. I worked there for a couple years.

In 1997, I opened the Abyss Dive Center because I did not really want to go back to Canada and work in a sawmill for the rest of my life.

What are the best places that Abyss recommends for diving?

The best places to dive are the cenotes: Dos Ojos, Pit, Dream Gate, Angelita, and a few secret ones that not a lot of people know about. In the ocean, Tortuga is a very good one, as is Barracuda. I also enjoy Islote and Punta Venado, as the coral there is simply amazing.

What recommendations do you have for people that want to dive?

Personally, I recommend diving with a smaller shop; that way you will receive a more personalized service and will have a better chance to see the best sites with no crowded boats or reefs. I also recommend not touching or harassing the marine life – just look.

With World Ocean Day approaching, I always recommend that when diving, pick up any trash that you see. We also regularly go out and hunt the invasive lionfish and cook and eat them.

Let us know if you want to join us on June 8 to clean up one of the beaches that do not get the attention that is needed, as it is difficult to get to.  

If you are coming to the Riviera Maya, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Tel:  (984) 876.32.85   

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