Tulum Land Dispute

We spoke with the Mayor of Tulum, David Balam Chan, to find out more about the eviction of 16 businesses and residences in Punta Piedra

On June 17, a total of 16 lots, including hotels, businesses, houses and vacant lots located in the zone Punta Piedra Tulum, were evicted following the order 326/2016, issued by the Juzgado Cívico (Civil Court) of Playa del Carmen.

This action was backed up by police elements of the Tulum municipality, acting on a request for assistance made by the actuary that executed the judicial order.

Worries about this happening again have been increasing, as the problem, which dates back over 20 years, has created a big uncertainty among investors.

The Playa Times spoke to Tulum Mayor David Balam Chan to find out more about the problem that is affecting this city. He commented that this incident is the result of a dispute between private owners, an area where his government shouldn’t intervene. He did acknowledge that elements of the Public Security (Seguridad Pública) were used after the actuary, armed with the judge´s order, requested it. He clarified that this happened only in the area known as “Punta Piedra”, in the tourist zone of the destination.

The zone is over four kilometers long, and the evictions occurred between the site known as “Mayatlán” and the zone of Santa Erica

It is important to clarify that the zone in dispute doesn’t belong to the ejido José María Pino Suárez, as the coastal area isn’t a part of the ejido, explained Rodolfo Vallín Lugo, delegate of the national Agrarian Reform, among whose responsibilities is addressing the issues and conflicts between ejidos, regarding land.

He indicated that the evicted area can’t belong to the ejido in question because there is a private owner who claims the land and it is listed in the Public Registry of Private Property.

Former mayor David Balam reassured investors telling them that their investments are welcome and that a legal certainty exists that protects the land ownership.

“If there is a wish to invest in this area, our recommendation is for you to find out everything about the conditions of the lot you are buying and investigate further, as there are also specifications for property like density,” he explained, “Those are important pieces of information to have in mind, but we assure you the city is secure.”

He also stated that the Town Hall of Tulum offers favorable conditions to those who wish to invest and start their own business. As proof, he mentioned that paperwork in the City Treasury has ben reduced, in order to ease things for investors.

“Those who want to invest can come to us to find out about the status of the land they want because there are cases still under dispute and there is a risk to loose their investment,” he offered.

Finally, he stressed that what happened in Punta Piedra is not and indication that it is going to happen throughout the whole city.

Editor´s Note: This goes without saying but as with any legal transaction in any country, you should seek the guidance of a professional, experienced law firm that can guide you through the process to ensure your investments are protected.

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