Estia, a Taste of Greece in Playa

Estia is one of the only few authentic Greek restaurants from Mexico city to Panama.

Chef Panos, owner of the restaurant Estia, came to Playa del Carmen in 1996 and like most of us, he fell in love with the place. Back then, Playa del Carmen was small, so he decided to continue traveling throughout Mexico. After spending 10 years in Monterrey he came back to Playa del Carmen.

Then, the planets aligned, he met Chef Alexis, and they decided to form a partnership and open Estia again. The name came from the Greek Goddess of cooking and food provider.

The restaurant is located just outside of Playacar, Phase II. It is easy to spot, as it is painted white and blue and where you can see the Greek flag, decorated with fresh herbs. The usual dish to start
with is the tzatziki (a homemade greek yogurt- based dish). Savory strips of gyro meat are another must-try order. Pita bread i s nice with your choice of dip pikil ia (six dips). Greek casseroles are lush like musakas.

The menu includes meat, fish, seafood and octopus specialties
and also vegetarian dishes. Rest assured that everything
you will try is fresh and original greek, as both chefs only cook with fresh local ingredients and their own imported greek products.

The food is amazing and the service is wonderful. Chef Panos is very friendly and has a good sense of humor, and I can hardly wait to try another meal there. So what can you expect from Estia? Fresh
salads, delicious appetizers, mouthwatering desserts, and many more choices for an excellent meal.

Find them on Facebook/Estia Playacar

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