How to Drink Tequila

Discover for yourself how to properly enjoy Mexico’s favorite alcohol

DATOThe best kinds of tequilas are just as complex as some of the finest Scotches or wines. As such they must be savoured and enjoyed in a similar manner, in order to get the most out of the experience. So when I was recently invited to attend an evening dedicated to teaching those present the art of drinking tequila, I was more than eager to go and learn.

The first thing that I noticed upon arrival was the beautiful glassware that we would be using. They were long stemmed and resembled wine glasses. From them would be tasting four different tequilas this evening; a blanco, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo.

We began by taking in the aroma. You have to take care not to overpower your nose with such high proof alcohol, so we were told to approach it in three steps. We began by sniffing from the front of the glass, then moving to the the centre, and finally the back, to hit different parts of the olfactory.

Next, we angled our glasses and swirled them around, to let the liquid splash up higher inside. Once it began to trickle down, the speed of the “tears” indicated the body of that particular tequila. Tequilas that have been aged longer, such as the final two we sampled, had a heavier, thicker body, and fell slower.

Now came the fun part, the tasting. We started off with a small sip, to get our mouths accustomed to the alcohol. We moved it around our mouths to the various parts of the tongue, hitting the different receptors that respond to what is salty, bitter or sweet. I could feel a definite change as it moved inside.

To help cleanse our palettes a bit, each tequila was accompanied by a serving of food, which also was chosen for its complimentary taste. The blanco, having hints of citrus and herbs, came with a plate of ceviche. The reposado has the taste of wood, nuts, and spices, and was accompanied by some pasta ravioli. Finally, we finished off with some tiramisu cake to go with the anejo and extra anejos. The common traits of both include cinnamon and chocolate, making for the perfect ending to a very informative and delicious evening. 

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