LGBT Relationships and Troupling in Quintana Roo?

Polyamorous relationships within the LGBT community are becoming more common, but not so much in Quintana Roo

Have you ever watched the TV series ‘Me You Her’? It is about a trouple relationship between a suburban couple and a student, staged in Portland, Oregon. It is the first TV show to openly talk about ‘troupling’. Their third season is about to premiere on March 20.

I will briefly introduce what a trouple is, since I had never even seen one myself up until recently. A ”trouple” is the mix of the word couple and triple which means a three-way relationship, where everything is equally shared between all members. It is also known as a polyamorous or polygamous relationship.

Not long after watching the first two seasons of ‘Me You Her’, I noticed some trouples during Arena Festival last February. Three men holding hands, others kissing all together. It was beautiful, love is beautiful! Why not share if you can!

I personally have been in a relationship where my girlfriend and I cheated on each other with the same person. If we knew trouples were even slightly possible, we would have avoided a lot of drama! I feel that something like this would have never crossed my mind before. I’m only recently being aware of a few of all the countless states of being. We are so brainwashed with all sorts of crazy ideas and models to follow since the time of our great great grandparents. We tend to forget that we are humans and we have the right to be free and live a way that makes us feel happy. Why does everyone need to be molded the same? Stop controlling, let yourself live and love!

Don’t you feel Quintana Roo is still lacking open-minded people? Outside the festival, I have never seen any trouples. I feel it is taboo in many different cities such as Playa del Carmen,  while in others like San Francisco it is more accepted. Polyamorous relations are more common than we think. If you are in a trouple or polyamorous relationship, I want to hear from you.

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